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The Zagreb City Assembly has included the CRYSTAL CENTER project among its group of city projects, and in doing so has shown a special interest in all of the proposed facilities (children’s centre, swimming pools, wellness centre, multi-purpose sports hall, hotel, apartments, etc.). Furthermore, the Assembly has set out the procedure for the architectural town-planning tender which is particularly aimed at envisaged constructions along the city’s main central street, Ilica. This will ensure sustainable development and preserve the city’s identity, as well as maintaining a diversity of content, with the ultimate aims being town planning and architectural preservation, and the enhancement of city routes and important streets. The city has once again affirmed its strong interest in the realisation of the above mentioned project’s facilities, with the decision reached at the Zagreb City Assembly on 29 August 2013.

Guided by years of experience and a team of excellent architects, by joining traditional and modern elements, we have created a town-planning project which in its global idea, as well as in details, formative to functional, fully fits in with the latest European planning and construction trends: high-quality living in urban areas.

The Crystal Tower is the residential part of the centre, stretching from the 6th to 19th floors, featuring 51 functionally located luxury apartments, sized between 50m² and 200m² and overlooking the greenery of the Medvednica Mountain and the southern part of the city. The entrance into the underground level will be from Ilica while the exit will be on Mandaličina street, so as to facilitate entry into the traffic system. The garage parking spaces (on levels -2, -3 and -4) are adapted to all contemporary vehicles and ensure unimpeded movement.

Various facilities have been developed to meet the residents’ needs and the requirements of the centre’s users, guaranteeing a high quality living experience. Along with a kindergarten, a restaurant, a wellness centre with swimming pools and a fitness centre, a multi-purpose sports hall, a small polyclinic, a café and a patisserie, the plan also includes a garden inside the centre, providing privacy and premium living comfort at the very heart of the centre.

Both as a modern interpolation and a continuation of traditional development of Ilica street, this building will become one of Zagreb’s landmarks, offering the possibility of realising a new type of quality with regard to both facilities and new urban structure. After years of stagnation, we expect that this project will chart a new direction in construction, as well as the city’s town planning and architectural development. Finally, we believe that the project, with its facilities, appearance and function, as well as indication of further development, will bring Zagreb even closer to other European capitals.

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The designers of the Crystal Center residential-business-hotel complex are Goran Rako and his team, Radionice arhitekture (Architecture Workshops), winners of the 2015 public tender for architecture. Mr Goran Rako is an award winning architect and full-time professor at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Architecture.

Below is a selection of the most distinctive projects completed by the Architecture Workshops team and their awards:

  • Apartment Building B in Rijeka, The Viktor Kovačić Award
  • Den Bosch housing development in The Netherlands
  • The Archaeological Museum Narona in Vid, The Vladimir Nazor Award
  • The Kornati Memorial
  • A sports centre in Sofia
  • The Vukovar water tower development project


SG KRISTALI 1978 d.o.o. was founded as a project company by SGZ STANOGRAD, which was established in 1978. Over almost 40 years of continued existence, the company has persevered as a successful and stable business despite the challenging and complex economical and financial crisis in the country, strong competition and changes to the political and economic system.

We are proud of our long tradition of residential-business construction, a wealth of experience, our professional approach and a high standard of quality, which has been confirmed by around a dozen professional awards and acknowledgments for projects in both Yugoslavia and present day Croatia (Multiple `Borba´ awards for the most valuable architectural achievements, professional associations’ awards, etc).

We have so far constructed over 4,000 apartments and offices in some of Zagreb’s most attractive locations (mostly along the historical Ilica street). Furthermore, we have built entire residential settlements in the towns of Velika Gorica, Zaprešić, Dubrovnik, and on the islands of Cres and Lošinj. Besides the aforementioned project, we are also working on several other constructions in Zagreb (Vrbik, Vlaška and Primorska streets, etc.) and a few large projects in Gorski Kotar County and in the towns of Rovinj and Koprivnica.

Throughout our existence we are not only distinguished by our quality and attractive locations but also by the expertise of our employees and collaborators from all the required vocational fields, of various qualifications and professions which we hire (some of them for periods of over 30 years). We are proud to say that in bringing our projects to fruition we follow all technical and technological advancements, taking into account environmental standards, especially now for the first time in Croatia in constructing the commercial – residential – hotel complex – CRYSTAL CENTER in 212-214 Ilica.



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